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What Matters ?

The way we think,
Connection that mind link,
In a single blink,
The way they react,
Without knowing a single fact,
About their act ,
We tend to assume,
Until our thought resume,
A fact that contradict,
Our own beliefs to large extent,
We always end up with a thought,
That clears all doubt,
What really matters ?
Reality ?
Assumption ?


©The Poet

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Tried a lot to explain,
In every possible way I can,

All you did just avoid,
Not even for a time you tried,

To see things by my side,
How hard it is to hide ?
Feelings that I can’t keep aside,

I’m breaking by holding it,
Every day a bit by bit,

I can’t even bid a goodbye,

To pain and suffering,
Feeling that my heart is buffering,

Since the time I saw you.

© ThePoet